FLeX babyyea this is my 1st time on here.  this what u see here is FLEX. Got the 4s with the skinnies. kumho no rub no lift. 2 15 kicker solo baric L7s. for you people that know what true power is I got SUNDOWN AUDIO 3000D. wired to half ohm 5000 true watts. and a SUNDOWN AUDIO 100.4 on the highs. gotta hear my words while im bangin. Kinetic 2400 Battery in the back for extra power and a YELLOW TOP under the hood. and a 350 IRAGGI altanator, cuz my bang really BANG. UPDATES LATER- pics of the audio system and more pics of the car coming.' in the future new motor and paint.                                          CHECK OUT MY HOMEBOYS PAGE (SMURFW84) PEARL PAINT KILLING