I got this 1979 El Camino as part of a trade on a corvette I sold.  It had sit for several years and was in rough shape when I brought it home in the spring of 08'.  Spent the early summer on the body and lettering, added the hood scoop and blacked out the grill and bumper.  The Camino came with a 355 but it had problems.  The first photos are from some shake down runs at Beaver Springs Dragway. Just dropped a mild 350 in the El Camino.  Should run in the 13's and will be my economy ride next season.4/9/09 Update:Well the 350 ran 14.30's and only lasted for 15 runs.  So much for my idea of an economy ride.  So now I went Old School and put in a nasty little 327 fuelie.  4/20/09 Update:First weekend out she ran 13.38 to 13.53 with the 327.  Trying different shift points and launch RPM's...hope to find the sweet spot where she runs the numbers and gives me some descent reaction times off of the line.