My 928 is mostly stock, with the exception of 17x7.5 and 17x9.5 Cup 1 rims with 235/45 and 275/40 tyres. I have deleted the mechanically driven cooling fan, and replaced with a couple of Spal units with an electronic controller. In the interior, I have a Momo shifter and steering wheel.It is a Euro model, because I live in europe! It has the 310hp 4.7 16V V8 engine, with no cats from the factory, and also a smog pump delete.What makes my 928 a little bit special is the colour and interior. Its a specially ordered colour from the factory, a very expensive option in its day. Its called 'Montego Schwarz Metallic' which is actually a VW/Audi colour used in the 1984 model year Audi quattro's.It also has the specially ordered interior combination of black leather with red piping.Stereo wise, I have a Infinity kappa's up front, with Focals in the rear, with a CDT sub, driven off a Steg 6 channel amp. Have an older Pioneer cassette headunit with 6 cd changer. To be honest though, this setup might as well be stock, you cant hear the sound over the rumble of the V8