OK this is my new toy. an 1981 Chevrolet Monte Carlo. 350V8 with a T400, the motor from what saw has a holley intake and carb accel dist, and headers. The turbo 400 has a B&M ratchet shifter and a strong shift kit. The rear end has a posi!!! woohoo, and a high gear. dual flowmasters. but for $600 thats not to bad in our area or anywhere in my mind. When i drove this thing home i stepped on it and slide the car sideways, someone was gettin ready to have a fun car, my plans are to take it completly apart and do it my way. More horseys and more torqueys, and whoever started this car did a good job on the wheels and tires, the front tires are smaller and the front wheels are thinner. so if your lookin at this car and you used to own it. I give you props!  cant wait to get this thing done. more pics and info to come. but for now ima go burn some rubber and embarass mustangs!!