Thank You for checking out my page. This is my 2002 Oldsombile Bravada. I love this SUV, it's one of the best vehicles on the road. A little story about the vehicle. I bought it in June of 2005 just before game 5 of the NBA Finals (Pistons & Spurs) and had been putting miles on it since. I moved to Texas for two years, it took me down there, and brought me back to Michigan twice in those two years. Just before returning to Michigan for good, I was leaving a friends house, it had been raining for several days due to the outer edge of Hurricane Dean, I ended up hydroplaning and smashing into a telephone pole and causing extensive damage to the right side of the vehicle. I had a concussion and was taken to the hospital, but the safety features of the vehicle worked and kept me from more damage. Now, a little over a year later I am starting a rebuilding on this one time beautiful SUV. I have a lot of plans, but they will only become real with time & money. SO, if you know of anyone with a 2002-2004 Bravada that's got a bad engine or a completely messed up left side, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! Thank you!