This is my 91 Acura Legend I am currently driving and is a project car at best. needs body  work still. I put in the type 1 JDM honda c32A1 Racing motor in myself. It has 215HP stock and 220lbs of torque. It yanks sideways everytime i floor it lol. I need to calm down.It is a beauty.I am very accomplished with this one considering i pretty much built it from nothing but a body and jacked up interior and exterior. ill post body piks soon. It has OBX racing Headers full custom 2.25" exhaust from GARYS MUFFLER SHOP, in Sharpsburg Georgia. thats the MAN!!! anyways. i put the headers on along with the type 2 high flow intake manifold, cold air intake, bored out throttle body, koyo racing aluminum radiator, denso iridum ik20 heat range spark plugs. new coils, new alternator, deleted the a/c and have a 20% reduction pulley on there for more torque under load. took out the back seat and most everything in the back of the car from where the windshield was busted and everything was dryrotted. Its a great car bottom line