The mother of all rally cars that helped ease the pain of my custom built lancer being stolen from me.  I had some great times in this car.   I'll never forget rocketing to work at 6am on a snowy winter morning the car unphased by the conditions!This really was an amazing car, nothing I've ever driven handles like an Evo.  And the turbo thrust!!  Some guys have 2.0 Turbo cars and think they are pretty fast.  Truth is they usually are 0-60 in 6s cars that are fast, but arent brutally fast.  The evo was brutal.  Standing start foot down clutch dumped, and your soul leaves your body and tries to catch up with the car.  Amazing.I had to get rid of the Evo because it was costing me a fortune.  It cost about £200 a week in fuel because I just couldnt resist putting my foot down all the time.  I once emptied £65 of fuel in 10 mins going just 20 miles to impress a girl and prove a point!I did however once get 30mpg on a long journey, I was proud of that, but it was super slow progress and no foot down stuff!