It was very hard to say goodbye to the Evo IX.  However its replacement was suprisingly good, especially since it followed what I would consider to be the mother of all rally cars.The £19,800 2008 2.0 Turbo Diesel Lancer with Evo styling and uprated power output is quite a similar car to the Evo IX in how it feels and in the way it gives a big welly of thrust from its 180bhp engine, which also puts out an Evo IX level 320 lbs ft of Torque, which is why it feels very similar.The stardard GS4 model comes with only 134hp from the dealers which is a bit leisurely, however it is well worth adding the power option, the difference is stagering and is akin to the difference between an Evo-260 and a 340.Possibly the best thing about this car, is no matter how much I use its power, and it is quite a fast car...  I have never had an average fuel economy lower than 44mpg!