Street Racing Technologies  makes custom parts, like turbo manifolds. We also, Port and polish Heads, Rebuild Turbos, Design, and Fabricate intake manifolds, and much more Just Contact me @!!The Idea behind this build was to see what CR is Not only streetable, but how well would it hold together on pump fuel.  This car will be dynoed soon, to see what power output this N/A monster has.Heres the List: ENGINE: Fully Balanced And BluePrinted 1)Stock Block 2)Custom SRT Pistons 3)Custom SRT Rods 4)Enginetech Rod and Main Bearings 5)Enginetech Piston Rings 6)SStock 92 Header 7)SRT PnP Intake Manifold 8 SRT PnP Throttle Body 9)SRT Stage 3 head/Stock Cams Race ported and polished 10)SRT Egr Block PLate 11)Polished Stock Crank To shed the oil 12) 2.5 inch side exit exhaust, W/ Holly Muffler DRIVETRAIN: 1)Rebuilt Saturn MP3 Bomb Proofed 2)Twistec Style DogBone Engine Mounts 3)SRT Torque Axis Mount 4)DXD Custom Clutch 5)SRT Rear Strut Tower Brace 6)SRT Front Strut Tower Brace Soon to come 7)EBC Brake Pads (That seem to outlast new rotors) 8 SRT Street Light Flywheel 9)Battery Moved To Trunk Soon to Come Here are some Vids:  The Lifters Sound loud on the vid, but we assure you that its just the video, the are realativley quite.