Update, she is for sale for now,I need to buy me a new daily driver, so i have to sell the vette.Anyway, the vette has 40,500 miles on it now, very nice clean car and a blast to drive. it is a Great Cruising car, i love to take this on long hauls! Looking for 12,000, I have 16,000 in it and i put on 4,000 miles on it since i bought it.  I recently purchased this 1993 coupe with a total of 36,000 miles on it. I fell  in love with the color when i first saw it and it is one of 683 quasar blue corvettes made this year, I do plan on modifying it somewhat but retaining drive-ability will be a must as i want to take it on some cruises. This will be Mine and the wifes getaway car when we can get a sitter, anyway here it is, hope you enjoy. Dave