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jamesdanger’s 1993 Jeep YJ

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Another jamesdanger 1993 Jeep YJ post...
  • Nov 12, 2013

Autometer 2" 1/16 Electric Oil GaugeAutometer 2" 1/16 Electric  Volt GaugeAutometer 2" 1/16 Electric Temp GaugeAutometer 2" 1/16 Electric Gas GaugeAutometer 2" 1/16 Electric ClockAnd here is the finished product

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  • Engine Size
  • HP
  • 0-60 Time
  • Weight
  • 1/4m sec
  • Torque
  • Top Speed
    -1 mph
  • Exterior Color
  • Interior Color

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Comments (87)
    thanks man. im actually taking off my 46s and doing rockwells and 54s
  • BigMike3023
    Beautiful YJ! Truly great work! 5 stars!
  • sween404
    hey nice jeep, is that the 2.5 that your runnin in that and who makes those corner guards? thanks. 5 stars man
  • wheelincj7
    That is one??? AWSOME??? looking ride; ???5!!!!! Stars. I have a 1984 CJ-7 that HAS BEEN IN FIRST PLACE ON THIS SITE FOR OVER EIGHT MONTHS NOW, please take two seconds and check it out! Don???t forget to give me a rating!!!... Oh and watch my videos to???. If you???re interested you can check out our 1926 Model T rolling on 22???s! ....OlllO???.
  • 89Jeep_XJ
    Rig looks sick! Deffinately let me know when you post some new pics of your rool cage and shit..
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