I'll get more pictures posted soon. This was my first car. I pulled it out of a barn in 1985 with 60,000 miles on the odometer. There was so much pigeon crap on it I couldn't see out of the windows. Unfortunately the pigeon droppings ruined the original paint. It has 77k miles on it now. The original owner ordered the car in Anniversary Gold with the matching gold interior. He specified a 348 4bbl engine, Turboglide transmission (long gone, as they were horribly unreliable) but no power accessories at all. The car passed to his grandson and was parked in the barn in 1969.I've rebuilt the suspension, fuel pump, carb, water pump, brakes, shocks, radio (a wonderbar) had it painted, and did some minor rechroming. It's a lot more fun to drive now that the suspension is all new. I've replaced the carpet, but the rest of the interior is original.