My "daily driver" 2003 Jaguar XJR supercharged V8 sedan. The XJR is not a particularly common car, and even fewer are in this kind of condition. This is a phenomenal driver and handling is stellar, especially with the Michelin Pilot Sports I have on it. I have had other Jaguar XJ's, and currently have a very low-mileage XJS, but none are as pure fun to drive as this one.This is the last year of what I regard as the true Jaguar body style. Starting in 2004, the XJ series sedans lost the high door threshold and low roofline, effectively ending the "cockpit" feel to the Jaguar XJ sedans. The distinctive mesh grille that was only available on the supercharged cars (XJR sedan and XKR coupe and convertible) is now on all Jaguar cars, thus diluting the exclusivity of the supercharged lineup. A couple of my other "toys"