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MrAngry’s 1997 Mercury Villager


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Comments (4)
  • Cavalier2200sfi
    Nice, very nice. I miss my POS :( though really my current car is also a POS but i make an attempt to treat it like it's a multi-million dollar car. Aside from the salt that gets caked on it from the easy coast winters. Everyone needs a POS to do the things they can't with their other cars :)
  • mikeww37
    man ive got a 98 model villager i love it my girl hates it. ha ha i got some tunes in it now. nothing major. want to get more. but it has 190,000 miles on it and astill rolling good. maybe ill get soome pics posted soon. ps mine looks a little worse than yours i have four kids thats worn my inside out. ha ha
  • Cooper424
    Dude what is that thing pulling on the 1/4 mile?'d prolly give me a run for my money =) haha but seriously i just hit up your page after reading the POS article- least she's got some tow capability so you get 5* let me know what you think of my mustangs sometime bro.
  • a_bengals_fan
    I love your van! . I'm glad to see your not exposing your nicer cars to the rigors of daily driver duty. It is a great idea to drive a POS daily, and, as you so magnificently put it (Be proud of your POS!), maybe I should be happy to get the opportunity to drive my '95 Voyager. It's reliable, it great for hauling stuff you don't want to expose to the weather, and, again as you said, is great because you don't need to worry about it. . Your van looks great, and is in better shape than mine is. And I'm jealous of your tan and gray two-tone interior. The bland gray interior in the Voyager is just so... Bland... If you have the time, come check out my POS. I like to keep my ride page looking (somewhat) nice and (somewhat) in order, so hopefully you'll enjoy it. . I rated you 5 stars