JUST TO LET YOU GUYS NO I AM IN THE PROCESS OF CHANGING UP THE EXTERIOR OF THE RIG I HAVE.  AS YOU CAN SEE THE NEWEST PICTURE I HAVE IS OF THE TWO TONE DODGE WITH BLACK STACKS.....  STIL HAVE TO PAINT THE BUMPER BLACK I KNOW!!!!!!!! LOLMy name is John Simmons and I work for Ameren UE as a lineman apprentice. My hobbies are anything with electronics and diesel trucks which I own one. Other than that I enjoy hanging out with friends, my girl Jordan love ya babe. Alot of people ask me about my truck. I also want to be the first to say this, I am not cocky about this thing. It's just fun to drive, the one that ticks me off is someone with a nice ride who is a complete idiot about it. It's one thing to have a nice ride but when you're humble about it, it's even better you know. I just bought this not to long ago and since then I can say I am hooked, I love diesel power, drives mecrazy and it's like a drug I want MORE AND MORE POWER. So here it goes. This is my pride and joy and it's still under construction. On the Motor, she has a custom CAI by Andy's Garage, Smarty TNT-R tune custom from italy, Flux 2.5 150hp injectors, Snow Performance Water/Meth Stage 2 Kit, the ATS Aurora 5000 wastegated Turbo, 3 stage 250 shot nitrous system, a Banks Techni intercooler and Ram intake, and 5 inch straight pipe exhaust, ARP head studs, Pro Sportsman Valve Spring, Stage III modified CP3 (281 liters of fuel anhour), and a 150/150gph lift pump by Air Dog. I also have the BD Flex Plate and for my tranny I have the full billet everything from Georend Transmission for the A/T also have a Goerend Torque Converter. For my suspension I have a 4 1/2 Fabtech lift with 305/55/R20 Toyo Open Country A/T's with the Dick Cepek DC1 20 inch rims. Other than already stated above.