We just closed the deal to buy a 2006 Pontiac Montana. We have been driving a 2004 Chevrolet Venture for two years and have been real pleased with its performance but we have put over 84,000 miles on it and just wanted to get something newer. When we tried this model out at the Pontiac dealer it has 43,000 miles so I figured if we drive it for 2 years we might can trade up again. The ride and feel of the Pontiac Montana was a nice step up from the Chevrolet. Although the Venture has been a very comfortable vehicle we are looking forward to owning this vehicle. We have had Pontiacs in years past and were well pleased. We have a trip across the country coming up in August so we will get to do a good road test. PLEASE anyone out there write me and give me some assurances we have made a good choice. I would love to hear how your Montana has held up and performed over the years. Look forward to hearing from anyone. Montana Cleveland