This is my 1993 golf gl which has 4 wheels disc stock and 115hp stock sohc engine. I have put on Tenzo Dc6 17inch rims with Yokahoma Avid h4 tires 205/40/17. I upgraded the engine with a Tenzo short ram intake, obx R 11mm spark plug wires, new bosch racing spark plugs, full stainless magnaflow catback exhaust, new cap/rotar, new ignition system. New sport cam and lifters will be put in during the summer when the head is being ported and polished, also new lightweight underdrive pulleys will be added. Eibach pro lowering kit will be put on when the car is going to be repainted in april. The car will stay white but have a less faded look. Small changes such as painting the grill flat black added styling and also made the halo lights stand out. A new vr6 front lip, abt side skirts and smoked fog and turning signals will be added and sligtly modified rear tailights in the near future.