The BJ8 Austin Healey is a one off the finest cars to hit the market. This little number seen in the pic was originaly purchased in America. It original british racing green exterior was soon changed to a two tone gun metal and silver. When the little lady arrived in South Africa the car was converted to right hand drive. Later we had replaced the standard transmission with a 6 speed corvette transmission. The differnce in chnage is amazing, as the original transmission is known for it's delicate gear changing and carefully nursing. Our austin healy is now in Canada and once again converted back to left hand drive. Another project we have undergone involves chooping an older BJ8. The chop included lenghtening and widening the car. It was then set on a AC cobra chassy. We intend on using a BMW 540i motor with M3 braking and suspension system. the interior will M3 dashboard and seats. This car is too underconstruction at this moment. I will be sure to include some pics of this operation in due time.