Check out our new site For all your Ford V8 Miata Needs!---------  Hi and welcome to our Cardomain page! My father and I run and own McCully Racing Motors, a small side business through which we add to Mazda Miatas the power they most desperately need. Currently we are working on our second and third Ford 5.0 Miatas which we refer to as MRM5.0's. My father (the engine guru) is also attempting to develop a bored-out 2.0 liter Miata engine derived from the 1.8 liter used by Mazda from 1994 to 2005. We hope to have this engine in a test mule by the end of the summer after which we hopefully will be able to also offer MRM2.0's.Most of the pictures posted here so far are of our first build, which was completed and sold last year. As work continues on our current two builds pictures will be posted.-Jason of McCully Racing Motors