Heya here are some pics of the car ive built. So far I have less than $1000 in it. It is registered and inspected. I drive it to work every day it isn't raining. I am going to construct the body as soon as I am done making a few tweeks to the weight distribution. Mind you I started this project in DEC '07 and have had it street legal since FEB '08. Some of these pics were taken before I got the head lights on and a few other things (they are the most recent ones I have. I hope you like them. Technical stuff: That is a Subaru EJ18 mounted mid, the M9 cpu and wiring loom are out of a '93 impreza. everything else on the car is homemade. The vehicle is actually registered as Make:ASVE (assembled vehicle) Model:RD (Roadster). Alright! Now that I have literally crammed a 2.5L from a 2000 outback in it, Time to really start putting major attention to the body work. Still haven't spent more than $1000 on this project! :)