This page is about my '91 Volvo 240 with 222,000 miles on it. It STILL runs like it just rolled off the line. We've had it for 13 years now.I actually found a pic of it on my computer much to my surprise, so here it is (it's small and b&w, but you get the idea):Since I've come to the conclusion that I'll probably get shit for this car on a trade-in, I've decided to keep it regardless of whether I get a new car or not.My plan as of now is to ultimately create a modern version of the B23ti out of my current stock B230 engine.Part of this project will include upgraded the entire exhaust system since that's where a turbo's power comes from. For that I'll be contacting Borla and Magnaflow to see if they can custom build me the stuff I'd need.For the turbo and intercooler, I'll be looking into HKS. I know that they can't modify their stuff to fit my car so I'll have to do that on my own.To cure any turbo-lag that might occur, I'll be paying close attention to boost levels and the cam timing, replacing the camshafts and the cams themselves with performance parts from IPD. I'll be adding a new throttle body assembly also for quicker response times and to allow a bit more fuel to enter the engine.I'll also be doing exterior work since there is some minor bodywork needed. Interior will stay mostly stock with the exception of new 5x7 speakers on the back deck, resulting in a pretty good six-speaker system.Any suggestions, let me know in the guestbook. I'll be posting pictures occasionally so check back every now and then.Also you should check out blkmax98se's page. He's gotta have the sickest Maxima I've ever laid eyes on.