I inherited this car from my dad, about 1 and 1/2 years ago. He bought it from some old lady back in 2003 (after I refused to let him drive my 95 VR-4 anymore, and told him he had to get his own!! haha). Her husband told her to either sell the stealth, or move out, because she was hogging all of the garage space. She sold the car! HAHA Here's an old picture of my first 95 3000GT VR-4 and his 91 TT, just after he bought it in 2003. So, over the last few years, my dad slowly started modifying the car. It got keyed one night when I was borrowing it outside of my apartment, so his insurance company paid for a brand new paint job. They gave him a LOT more than it cost to have painted, so he ended up getting forged pistons and rods for his car, and upgraded the turbos, fuel system, EBC, AFC-Neo, etc. And that is how the car sits today. I'll be having it repainted again, and adding a 2g Stealth rear bumper and a front lip on the car, and possibly swapping out the turbos for some TD05 evo3 16g's this winter.