I used to have this 1990 900. In the U.S., it was sold as the 900 but in some countries, it was sold as the 900i. The car was made in Arlov, Sweden. Before this car, I had a Saab 900 3 door hatchback that was made in Uusikaupunki, Finland. The Finnish plant made mostly convertibles but some other 900 models, too. Modifications include 1. Jack Ashcraft coolant filter and hoses that attach to the filter, which is located inside the right front wheel well. 2. European spec H4 headlights 3. front fog lights 4. tires were upgraded to Yokohama AVS Intermediate 195/60VR15 and later Dunlop D60A2 195/60HR15. The stock tires were Pirelli P8 185/65SR15. 5. rubber deadpedal 6. interior light delay relay (standard in the S, but not the base 900) 7. Saab alarm Other additions include rear headrest, rear and side rear tint, wheel locks, locking gas cap, floor mat, hood protection strip, and a black front license plate to cover hardware screws.