I bought this black Daewoo Lanos sport with 137k miles on 4/1/08. I came to the realization if I crashed my Lacetti at the track I'd cry myself to sleep every night for months. haha. So I wanted a cheaper, yet very fast car. This Lanos will be stupid quick for the little amount of money put into it. Once it's up and running I'm finally installing my turbo componets on my Lacetti. Since I'm dropping the same engine (U20SED) into the Lanos then all my old N/A parts will work. The timing belt went on the factory 1.6 engine so it isn't working...no idea on what's damaged yet. The engine in it has had $1,250 worth of head work done very recently so I'll be fixing it and selling it or parting it out (email me if interested).[B]The Lanos!:[/B]