These are pictures of my husbands 1976 amc hornet sportabout wagon.we bought it from a friend of ours, and he has been restoring it. with a poor boys pocket book. so all of the panting and stuff he has done hisself.along with his 9 year old daughter doing some of the sanding. they really had a great time, panting and sanding.he loves this car for some reason. one day he might sell it for the right price, so if your looking to buy you can make a offer.thank you These pictures are to show some of the process i went thru spray painting this car.. Yes i said spray paint.. The blue is Coblt Metallic Blue made by Rusto-oleum and the black is industrial Rust-oleum rolled on to do the top half of the car.. There is no longer any gold on the top half of the body... fixin to get new flywheel as soon as we can get 2 stubborn bolts out to drop trany... pictures of interior coming soon and will blow most folks minds when they see what i am using to get 120 dbs out of house speakers beleive it or not