The engine was upgraded to a GM Performance Products LS376/480 all aluminum V8. This engine is similar to the 2008 Corvette LS3 engines except that it has a "hotter camshaft".  The transmission is now a Tremec TKO 600.  The Stock GM E67 engine control computer was retained to run the fuel injection and ignition systems although extensive program changes were made to improve drivability and power. HP Tuners was the software used to make those modifications.  Power output is now well over 500 HP and the whole car weighs only about 1525 Lbs.To get the HP to the ground, a bolt on wing and rear undertray diffusser have been added.Electronic power steering and a steering quickener have also been adapted to the car. It is close to "done", but I doubt if it will ever really be finished.The car won events two years in a row at "Run and Gun" at Gateway International Raceway and was 7th overall at Grassroots Motorsports' inaugural Ultimate Track Car Challenge at Virginia International Raceway in 2007. At the 2007 UTCC it was still powered by the V6. With the V8 it has run a 10.0 1/4 mile at 134 MPH.The car is occasionally raced but is fully licensed, street legal and has almost 17,000 street miles on it. It is great fun for my wife and I to drive it on regular roads.Our Mega Stalker has attended or raced at events in Florida, Tennesse, Georgia,Texas, Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin, Missouri, and Illinois. We enjoy the friendly smiles, waves, thumbs up and honks from other motorists. We often attend local "Cruise Night" car shows. It gets lots of attention and earns its license plate name of "FNRNURZ".We hope to be invited to Grassroots Motorsports Magazine's 2010 Ultimate Track Car Challenge in July this year. I believe it is the Ultimate Streetable Track car and hope to improve on our showing from 2007.