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tremalibu124’s 1998 Chevrolet Malibu


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Comments (17)
  • Paco107
    YES we will miss the Malibu very much... HAHA
  • mjgio104
    Hey, thanks for the comment. you have a pretty nice car yourself (:
  • kurupt027
    Check out my malibu video i recently put up.
  • Paco107
    personaly i dont like the malibu decal/emblem... i would perfer the bow tie over the "O" lookin thing anyday... good lookin ride...
  • Checkmyrims
    Wow no comments for a while. Dude you take great care of dis Malibu. Ya gotta get new pics up and get back into dis domain. Its really poppin with Bu owners now. Ya can get a lota ideas and stuff. people will help ya out and everything. Nice Malibu though bro. More pics though bro. Hit me up. Lata
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