This is my new acquisition , a 1994 Mercury Villager GS .I paid $300 for it from some guy who just wanted it out of his yard , it works fine , just has a lot of rust problems , 1 broken window , broken rear hatch , and power steering issues .Apart from that it works fine and really flies on the highway , it drives like a sports car , i like the way it handles and accelerates a lot .The reason bought this van is that it has the same 3.0 liter engine and transmission as the Nissan Quest van , also the same one as the Nissan Maxima , it's a very reliable engine .One thing that does suck about this van are the stupid automatic seatbelts , i don't know what they were trying to prove with those , they scare/confuse pretty much every passenger i've had in the vehicule , they are nicknamed "attack seatbelts" because they try to choke you . Another big problem with these vans is the exhaust manifold , it always cracks on Villager/Quest vans , then they make a rumbling sound like mine does and it sounds like a shitbox .Apart form that i love this thing , it might be the best vehicule i've ever owned !