My name is Moe! I put alot of time and alot of money that is 100% worth in this car. I baby this car so much and I just love it. You know what enough SAID!!!!TAKE A LOOK AT IT and Tell me what you think!!!!!!!OVER $5K INVESTED IN THIS CAR!!!!!!THIS IS EVERYTHING!!!!New Battery Rack and pinion Ball joints Tie Rods Sway Bar Links New Hood struts Coolant Cap(Dodge Dealer) Pulley for a/c w/ belt Thermostat Gasket,housing and thermostate itself Head Hasket(paper type) For Customization20 inch rims (5000 miles on them)Have orginal rims too Tinted Window All Around(YES ITS Illegal) 4 Tweeters!!! LOUD!!!! Revese LED LightsR/T Headrests GTO Black Headlight Covers Tinted Tailights w/Revese LED LightsITS FOR SALE LOCALLY FOR $3500!!!!!!!