heres my $300 2 door 89 cuttlas this car has gone through hell since ive ha it i beat the piss out of this car on a daily basis...i nuetral drop it at about 6 or 7 grand or just hit it in reverse goin abou 15mph throw it in neutral rev it 2 6 grand n drop it in 1st,and for a FWD 3.4 6 cylender them tires roast...i dont c the tranny lastin to long on this car but its fun for 300 bucks welp its gone to many cars in the driveway and this one wouldnt pass echeck so basicly i beat the piss out of it guted the interior dented every panel threw a hammer through the back window jumped up on the roof and slamed down as hard as possible in the 2 months that ive had thhis car it took a major beatin and im talkin downshiftin from 3 to 1st and redlining it till it cant redline anymore and do it agin in 2nd did i metion the neutral drop yea this car has a 3.4 6 clender and this mahh fucka gets it im talkin smoke poorin through my window especially wen i do bout 15 in reverse then neutal drop it (rollbacks) fun fun fun