1993 F-150 XLT. It's got the 302 V8 in it with 2WD. It only had 87K miles on it when I bought it at the beginning of February 08. And I traded it in April 08 for my Bronco. Trucks are like toys to me. I play with them alot when they're new(to me) and get tired of them and get something new to play with.I started doing a little bit of work to it here and there when I had the time. I changed the oil over to Mobile 1 along with a Mobile 1 filter, just like all my vehicles. Then I had the trans flushed and filter changed on it. That made a huge difference. It use to barely slip between 1st and 2nd and after changing the fluid and putting a new filter in it didn't slip anymore. However it did leak trans fluid...ALOT. I took the slotted taillight covers off. Did so because I thought they looked stupid plus they weren't painted to match, they were black. And somebody with a blue truck bumped into the right taillight and busted one of the covers and left blue paint all over my light. But at least they didn't break the tail light. I took off some of the bumper stickers of the back window and discovered that the back window isn't original. In fact it's a complete after market sliding back window. So I guess the truck had a solid back window before.