I bought this car 8 years ago with the intention of replacing the blown up engine and selling it. Well that went out the window and the car sat around in pieces for nearly a decade. After my father re did his Camaro we had his old Camaro engine lying around in pieces. I thought of ebaying the engine parts & Monte parts to make some extra cash and sending the shell to the crusher but my dad convinced me otherwise. He did the body work and I got all the parts to fix the engine and set up the suspension. My dad being a trans guy got an old th350 core and rebuilt it with new clutches and a shift kit. We completely gutted the car and got it down to 2780lbs. I made the mistake of getting one of those ebay torque converters from redneck transmission parts it was supposed to stall at 4000 but it actually stalls at 2500 so I am not getting the 60-foot I want out of it. I got the tunnel ram on ebay for 350.00. And I just got a fiberglass hood for it from a guy at the track. So that will be pained and put on soon. Once it is dialed in it should be in the mid 11�5 but right now it has run a best of 11.99 @ 113. it turned out to be a pretty neat budget project for a bunch of old stuff I was going to sell on ebay. The car is for sale if you are interested in it you can email me at smallblockman69@yahoo.comSpecs:Block: Chevy 4 bolt Small Block 350 .030 Over 355 CI 12:1 CR Pistons: TRW L2252 12:1 Rings: Speed Pro Plasma Moly File Fit .020 / .024 Rods: Eagle Steel I beam 5.7 Crank: GMPP 1187 Steel balanced by Express Engines Bearings: Clevite H Series .010 under Gaskets: Felpro HI Performance w ss seal rings for high compression Studs: ARP Main & Head Stud Kit Heads: Ported GM 461 "fulie" heads 2.02 1.6 valves & ARP screw in rocker studs Cam: Comp Cams CS 285B-6 Solid flat tappet Drag Cam Valve Springs: Comp Cams 987-16 Push Rods: Comp Cams Hardened 7993 7.900 long Rocker Arms: Comp Cams Roller Tip Ignition: Summit pro Billet W/ rev limiter & 51000v coil Intake: 70's Vintage polished Tunnel Ram Carburetors: 2 Holley 4160 600 CFM Vac secondaries Fuel Pump: Aeromotive A1000 Regulator: Aeromotive A1000 Fuel cell: Summit Water Pump: Proform Electric Water Pump Alternator: Mazda High Output 80 Amp W/ Built in Regulator Battery: Optima Yellow Top Trans: TH350 w/ Shiftkit Shifter: Hurst Quarterstick Rear: GM 10 Bold 28 spline 3.73:1 Gears Aubern LSDUPDATE 7/17/08OK so it was not fast enough so i swapped in a new cam & valve springs, i degreed the cam & found out that the cheapo timing set i was using was 9 degrees retarted. i used a new double roller timing set, reset the distributor to 36 degrees total timing and returned to the track. first pass off the trailer was 11.22 @ 118 with a horrible 1.65 60 foot. i think the new cam wants a bigger accel pump. well the rain came and i had to pack it up for the day but i will re tune the carbs and see what happens next week at the track.UPDATE 8/16/08fixed the stumble off the line with new jet combo and raised the idle to 1200 in gear. ran a 10.88 @ 122mph with a 1.53 60'  best run yet the rings feel like they are starting to seal better compression is up 5 psi in all cylenders.