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olds68’s 1968 Oldsmobile Toronado

1968 W-34 Toronado: only 111

8 photos
Another olds68 1968 Oldsmobile Toronado post...
  • Nov 12, 2013

On July 12, 2008 Kathy Mettea signed these 1968 Toronado parts at L.L. bean, in Freeport ,MAine, at 9:30pm EST. She ... more

10 photos
Another olds68 1968 Oldsmobile Toronado post...
  • Nov 12, 2013

These photos were taken in August of 2006, at Classic Convertible, in Freeport, Maine.Sorry - this Oldsmobile is not for sale at any price, it is willed to my brother.&# ... more

  • Engine Size
  • HP
  • 0-60 Time
  • Weight
  • 1/4m sec
  • Torque
  • Top Speed
    145 mph
  • Exterior Color
  • Interior Color
  • Oils, Fluids & Sealer Texco Motor Oil

    Date Installed
    Jan. 29, 2012

    Installed 01/29/2012

  • Tires Michelin Tires

    Date Installed
    Jan. 29, 2012

    Installed 01/29/2012

  • Air & Fuel Delivery K&N Air Filter

    Date Installed
    Jan. 26, 2012

    Installed 01/26/2012

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Comments (544)
  • teacherofphysics
    Beautiful Olds!! Regarding the bumper, it is my opinion that the original chrome bumper is the right choice. Since your car is rare, and in great order, the original look has to be the way to go - especially with the lack of chrome bumpers on today's vehicles. Best of luck making your decision!! The '68 Toronado is such a beautiful car!
  • 1bigdaddy24and7
    Hey Jerry, thanks for checkin out my Olds. I kinda like the bumper painted, however, with the rear bumper still in chrome, it all looks off. My opinion is paint the rear also. Tho I love chrome, my suggestion would be the set the car off with some aftermarket chrome wheels. Good luck! 5 stars all the way! I'll be checkin back throughout the year to see what you've done. My ride is goin through some major modifications right now, they will be revealed by April. Jeff
  • fatratmatt
    Jerry that's one bass ass toronado I alway loved the front wheel drive action that car had. My best friend in HS had one and we torn it up every friday night. Thanks for the hit on my Oldsmobile, 5 Stars back at ya!
  • niceneon
    nice ride, welcome to cardomain, 5 stars, be sure to come check out my rx7 and others,when you get a chance.
  • chevyracing95
    What a beast! Its so rare to see a Toronado, especially this clean. Hit me up and keep it clean!
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