New box under construction.Anybody thats looked at my page before know that I had my old boxes for 3 years and it was time for a new one that combined them both into one box instead of two seperate ones.Anyways this will be my second build so I dont expect it to be perfect.I got a little help this time from Stephano.He runs our wood shop on base.He kinda guides me instead of doing anything.LMAO!!!Im going to take more pictures of the trunk as I go.Setup is still Kicker as usual.2 15" L7 Solobarics and the monster Kicker ZX2500.1 for the highs I will have the Kicker ZX 650.4 Im going to also run a Kinect 2400 battery in the trunk this time to help with the dimming lights.As far as how the final product will look,I'm still trying to figure that one out.So if you have any suggestions hit me up.