this is my 1978 Monte.She is all original,the body is sraight and is 0 RUST FREE.I bought this car in October of '06 from the original owner.I've always liked 7Os and 80s GM cars and when I seen this one,I had to have it. So we worked out a deal for $2,800,and she was mine!This is my first car.The original owner bought it brand new.He garaged it and always replaced things even before they broke.he was selling it because he didnt have the time to take care of it anymore  It has never seen salt.And I rarely drive it in the rain,otherwise it stays under a car cover in the garage. The car was bought new at the dealership in the town where I live.So it is a local car.More updates will come in the future cause' I got alot in store for this one.Nuthin too wild,i wanna keep it mostly OG. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________UPDATES!                 WELL GUYS IM BACK! BEEN GONE FOR A WHILE AND THE CAR LOOKS WAY DIFFERENT THAN IT USED TO. FINALLY NEW PAINT AND SOME OTHER CHANGES.I WILL TAKE DETAILED PICS OF THE CAR WHEN THIS COLD ASS WEATHER BREAKS.I MOVED TO A NEW AND BIGGER HOUSE AND SHE FINALLY HAS A DECENT GARAGE.OH....AND I HAD TO JUNK THE CUTTY,TOO MUCH WORK AND IT JUST WASNT WORTH IT.ALSO DELETED THE RIDE PAGE TO THE 57 BEL AIR.ME OR MY FATHER HAVENT DONE ANYTHING TO IT YET OTHER THAN GET IT RUNNING.SO MAYBE THIS SUMMER ILL MAKE A NEW PAGE FOR IT.                                     PLEASE DONT BUMP MY RATINGS.I DELETED THE OLD STUFF                                                AND I AM REVAMPING THE WHOLE SITE                                              IT WILL UNFORTUNATELY TAKE SOME TIME