? Back to Groups Directory Group URL: http://groups.myspace.com/WheelsofWomen Wheels of Women ? View Group Photos Category: Automotive Type: Public Membership [help][Report Abuse] Founded: Nov 10, 2007 Location:: Atlanta, Georgia - US Members: 162 Group Leader: California Dreamin!!!! Wheels of Women wants to inform you about who's the best, what's the best, and where to find it. But we also value the opinions and the help of those strong handsome men. So for those who own cars weither male or female, show them off, let us make you our number one for the week. Wheels of Women have one of the strongest opinions in the car industry. Info and tips are offered, accessories and upgrades are welcome. If you have products, info, or suggestions they are always welcome. This group was created as a forem for women to celebrate their love of cars and to help women get a better understanding of cars and its mechanics. Tips and questions are answered daily! Sponsorships are always welcome! What better way to get a captive audience on the products you value most! Here is where you can let us know about your favorite cars, the worst cars and where the next car show is. If it has to do with cars, here is the place for it to be shared. Be where you can show off your car and its upgrades. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We are the first to host the Myspace WheelsofWomen Car show! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Do You have a hot car? Then show us what you got! Cars will be chosen weekly for entries in to the monthly drawing! Once we have our top ten cars, 3 will be entered to win grand prizes! (upgrades, accessories, subscriptions, etc.) Post your next car show here no matter the city no matter the country! If you really want us there, group travel is available to those who want to go! Let us know who and whats the best!!!!!!! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Through our sponsors winners can recieve unlimited prizes! Thats why we value those who show their support for Wheels of Women! If you are intrested in supporting us please send sponsorship proposals to glasshouseenterprises@gmail.com Where women know what cars they want!