This has gone from C.R. Iowa to Chicago and back about a dozen times and can still beat the krap outta alot of Hondas and Toyotas. This is an American Beast here people. It has the 3.1 L V-6 engine. My dad calls it a "Modern Day Sleeper." I know some of your aren't going to believe this, but i draged a 2006 Ford Mustang GT, and WON! Off the line and to the next two lights... It also helped that be blew his transmission because the retard couldnt shift...... *Update*The car now has 182,000 miles on it and is headed for the crapper soon. Shes had a good life and nows time to put her outta her misory. Shes got so many problems and ive dumped soo much money into it as is... also we've had the car for 10 years, so we got our moneys worth outta it.*Update*The poor car met its maker in Feburary when the Transmission crapped out. I loved the car, just didnt want to drop more money into it because other things were on the way to needing to be replaced.