I've got a 98' Audi A4 1.8t quattro. Me and my friend put in a cold air intake. Installed a pioneer headunit, Polk audio front door speakers, and boston acoustics rear deck speakers. Also i put on a mesh grill and replaced the bumper grills with custom mesh grill pieces.8/10/08:         -newly DEBADGED and kicker solobaric 15" SUBwoofer installed. upgraded clutch should hopefully be installed by mid september. 10/31/08:         -HAPPY HALLOWEEN! i got a STAGE 5 SOUTHBEND CLUTCH (for stock flywheel) installed about a week ago. not exactly happy with it...shifting with my stock clutch was getting annoying, it wouldnt want to go directly into gear, it had like notches when i put it in gear? and wouldnt go directly in?.....figured the clutch was going bad, so i decided to get my new clutch for my future BT early....now i have the same problem with like every gear. FEEDBACK FOR WHY THIS HAPPENS PLEASE? planning on changing my tranny fluid. also i have to wait for the RPM's to drop before it wants to go into gear...is that possible to change? i've heard that if i would have gotten a lightweight fly wheel it would have cured that. but the main thing that bothers me is the Rough Shifting.          -ALSO i recieved my Magnaflow 14851 muffler and am planning on getting custom 2.75" piping installed with it.  Installed a Glow shift boost/vacuum guage and oil pressure guage and tail light tint . pics soon!11/7/08:         -Magnaflow muffler INSTALLED with 3 " piping....sounds greatttt!!!!