It all started last year when i got my first grand prix, it was a 97' black gt 2 dr. and i loved it, i had some good times in that car. Then i got rid of it cause it had a lot of millage on it and it was beat. While i had that i wanted a gtp real bad, and after working my ass of the next summer i finaly got one. The exact one that i wanted, black 2 dr with black leather and of course the famous l67!!! I found her in mass and went down their a week l8tr and got it, my mom took me down in her 02 monte and got a speeding ticket going 90!!! haha $237 she spent on me for taking me down their, thanks mom it was worth it. awsome choice im verry glad i own a gtp and a pontiac. It's to bad their gonna stop making the grand prix's after 08 and start making g8's. Now it's time for some mods!!!! bold