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DUBMONTE’s 2003 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

2 Tone Monte Carlo on 24 inches, Flowmasters, L...

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Comments (122)
  • Black_Widow_562
    wow that hot shit....nice man...real nice... check me out in cali how we ride out least how i ride.. pimp
  • tinoDUBMAG
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  • 2toneV6
    shit clean cuz...doors and rims..check me out here killen all accords
  • noneed4clubs
    i see you cuz Moe town in da house i'm originally from da yak now i'm in Orlando way down south here Florida reppin da murda mitten till da def of me i don't really see much of Michigan people on dis but your ride is clean cuzz....HOLLA
  • hottiesbenz
    Nice looking ride! Never seen lambos on a Monte Carlo. Did you do it yourself? How hard was it? Check out my C230 Benzo.!!
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