Speed-Ford 2.3L 4cly SOHC-Aero Turbine Exhaust w/ magnaflow spun cat "lightning style"-Belden 8mm Wires-NGK Iridium IX plugs-K&N CAI-Kinetic Battery w/ billet terminals-Polished Aluminum Driveshaft-Trick Flow 8.8" Diff Girdle-Ford 8.8" Trac-loc w/ 3.55 gears,ARP Studs & Ringgear Bolts-Lowered 5"/4"-Walbro GSS342-Kirban AFPRStyle-85 Cobra Halo Seat-17"x 9" Black Chrome '03 Cobra rims -front 245/45zr17-17"x 10.5" Black Chrome '03 Cobra rims -rear 275/40zr17-Extang Black Max tonneau cover-Sylvania SilverStar Ultra-01' Taillights-Powdercoated glossblack gas tank strapsSound-Alpine CDA-9856 Deck-Alpine Type-S 6"x8" Speakers. Doors/Rear CabFuture Mods-2.3 DP Turbo-87' Turbocoupe T5-Powdercoated Glossblack Turbocoupe valve cover with polished fins.-Sport Trac 12" front disk brakes-Cobra rear disk brakes-Install flip kit w/ fiberglass leafs & poly bushings-8th Gen F250 1 1/8 rear swap bar w/ poly bushings-Shave Antenna.-Rollpan-93'/94' Splash Grill -Sept 15/07Well the buying process of this truck was 2 weeks. my Uncle is a dealer, he brought it home from the auction. I was having problems with my Hyundai Accent and as it turns out was looking for a replacement daily driver. Well after he had a change to do the work for a safty and e-test we met on saterday morning to swap the plates ect. While filling out the required paper work at the MTO the computer system went down province wide. So I could not complete the plate and ownership swap. So as it turns out I will have to wait untill monday, joy. I so to get it home I had to use the dealer plates. Tomorrow I will clean up the truck a little more It was late when I brought it home and it was cold out so it was not the greatest weather to wash the truck. -Sept 30/07I have got my Alpine CD deck installed, I have also installed 6"x8" Alpine Type-S speakers. They are 100% better that the stock speakers. The prevous owner hacked cap's into the speakers to act as low pass filters, not a supprise. The deck was also hacked. Everything has been soldered and shrink wrapped. The Alpine Type-S already have caps on the speakers. -Oct 20/07Well today I have lucked out, I noticed when checking for parts on the Ranger Splash I found that it has a brake light/bed light; it also has a dual map light. So I picked up the brake/bed light and the dual map light for $10.00 and I have installed them. I also managed to get some of the screw's that were missing so I have a complete set of screw's holding the rear speakers in which is always nice. I'm still looking for the driver side kick panel. :( -Nov 02/07Today I finally got my new tailgate handle in. I ordered it off of e-bay like a week ago. I have installed it already. It's like a 2 minute job. You just remove the eight torque's that hold the panel in behind the handle and then there is two 10mm nuts that hold the handle in. Swap out the part reinstall the panle and your done. -Feb 07/08I ordered a Extang BlackMax tonneau cover for the truck. Hopefully it will not take to long to ship, maby I will luck out and the weather will be good when it arrives. -Mar 04/08Well the tonneau cover is installed and looks good. It came in on like the 14th of last month and I had to wait a week or so to strech it out in that nice weather we had. Today the weather is crap, I could not get out of the driveway to get to work. Well I decided to take a look under my truck at my axle? Well to my supprise I discovered that I have a 8.8" w/ 3.55 gears and not a 7.5" with 3.73's... Its still a open diff but who's to complain I was going to swap a 8.8" anyways. I guess I will just order a Torsen T2 1.5way LSD for the truck, that and that nice FRPP diff girdle. -May 16/08I ordered my rollpan today, yesterday I bought a T5 bell housing . I'm going to the boneyard tomorrow so I will see what I can fine. I'm probably going to pickup bucket seats. My friend has a extra set of seats for his Prelude Si. I going to see if I can get them to work, although I'll see what I can find tomorrow. The plan is to build a custom T5, I'm going to do the little bit of body work while I do the rollpan. It should be a pretty productive weekend assuming the weather holds out... -May 18/08I went to the boneyard today, I found a 87 5spd Turbocoupe. I bought the turbo, down pipe, manafold, and Borg-Warner WC-T5. I also picked up some Sylvania SilverStar Ultra's and some 1500F high heat enamel. I have to pickup the turbo setup on tuesday, I'm going to take it to my GF's house and use her sandblaster and then shoot some paint on the turbo, down pipe, and manafold. Hopefully it will turn out as nice as the last turbo setup I did. I'm not sure what the status on the turbo bearing is but if worst come to worst and its buggered I have a extra IHI Turbo sitting around that I use to rebuild the new used one with. -May 22/08Well I pulled apart the turbo and manifold last night, apparently the turbo is a 85'-86' A/R .63 watercooled T3. The tranny is the right tranny though, it is a Borg-Warner WC T5. Most of the parts have been sandblasted, I'm going to finish up tonight. The turbo bearing is fine although for the price I'm going to rebuild it. The E6 manifold has one crack in it, one of the studs was also stripped so I guess I will be putting new ones in. Pretty must all of the bolts in the turbo need replacing. By the time I'm done I will have a fully rebuilt T3 ceramic coated turbo and manifold for the truck. Next is the tranny. I also plan to polish everything, I will post more picks on the weekend, the weather is suppose to be nice. -Oct 03/08Well I have not updated for a while, I now have Mustang GT Halo bucket seats in the ranger. I now have a rollpan on order and have ordered the 08' fender badges for the ranger. The ranger is currently off the road waiting to be put into the garage so that I can pull the motor for the turbo rebuild.-Nov 14/08 I got my rollpan, I have also got a set of 03' ranger tail lights. I probably going to trade the 03' tail lights for 06-08 ones. I also have a aluminum driveshaft that is being shortened. I'm going to be installing the T5 soon so we will see how that goes.-Nov 19/08 I picked up my driveshaft today, I will be installing it tonight. The new aluminum shaft has been shortened to 50" from the stock 50.5" so that I can use the newer/longer yoke with the large 1330 ujoints. I'm going to polish it, Andy at Glenshee Machine gave me some pointers for polishing/shining the shaft so it should turn out pretty good.-Oct 07/09 It's finally comming together. I finally got a 4x4 valance, I still need to find some fog lights. I also got a superchip for a 96 2.3L. I will  have to see if I can duplicate it after I get it. Apparently it makes the 2.3 idle very lumpy, but thats ok. Its a temp for now, until I get the money to turbo it. I'm also back on the job search, is anyone looking for a Computer Engineer?-Mar 26/10Well the truck has a new exhaust. It has 2.5" all the way back with a magnaflow spun cat and a Aero Turbin muffler. Next off is the long over due bodyshop. It's going to get the rollpan molded in, the grill and 4x4 valance all installed and painted. -May 26/13I have not updated this for ages, my bad. The truck is now rolling on '03 Cobra deepdish replica rims. It has cobra brakes front and rear with custom ss braided lines. The engine is comming out very soon and getting rebuild. I have a 2.5L rebuild built for it as well while the 2.3 get 2.3T rods and pistons. The engine would have been done had I not done the brakes. But by the time I bought adapters, calipers, drilled rotors, pads, ect the engine budget went to the brakes. It was worth it.