orginally, i started out with a 1986 volkswagen jetta i bought for $100.00, i did a bit of work on it in school then sold it for $200.00,i ended up buying a plymouth k car which was the biggest mistake ever, but i only paid like $50.00 for it...that got scrapped...i then bought a dodge 600,(pretty much a kcar) and drove it to my friends house with no brakes and no license, ended up taking out trees in his driveway and lobbing the car down a cliff prolly only 30 feet tho.. i thoguht i was going to be screwed ...called a towtruck, car got scaped, i then owned a 1992 ford ranger pickup i paid $200.00 but i sold it back to the ownwer, then i bought a 1994 volkswagen golf which is how i got this car..the lincoln i own now was my brothers car, he owed my dad money,so he gave the car to my dad who gave it to me for my golf..while ive been the owner of the lincoln i have tore out interior, patched wholes in the floor, and put the new rims on it, my dad has put switches into the consule so we can adjust ride height right from inside the car, i need to get a tank for the air ride so it rises faster..i need a rad and possibly front windsheild for safety...othere then that this is my car!