I bought my 1994 Duster a year ago to play with. I had other projects at the time and didn't have the time or money to play. Now that I have gotten rid of the others (1948 Ford street rod, 1985 Mustang GT, & 1984 Dodge Rampage which burnt to the ground). The baby mopar is a 3.0 with the 4spd auto. I haven't had a chance to get a pics of it so I did one in MS Paint. Future mods to come as I share a restoration budget with my wife's 1977 MGB.I finally got a picture of my Duster but too late. It is now for sale. Just ran out of steam to do anything with it. It is bone stock and would make someone a good toy. I am going back to my VW Bugs where parts are plentiful and cheap. Anyone needs a good Duster just contact anytime.