Yo, my names jo. and i currently have a 1992 Geo storm. I picked it up for 300 bucks. running and everything. i plan to have this car finished before the beginning of 2008. I love moding cars and working on them. im also 15 too, so you guys will be suprised with my work. i dont have any pics of it right now because my usb ports on my computer arnt working properly. but i plan to have MANY mods. i am having a few problems with it missing.... its starts up fine, revs up fine, but when i pull out and go down the street, it feels like its loosing power is missing kinda bad lol. my dad thinks its either the computer, water in the tank, clogged fuel injectors, clogged fuel pump, or its because the air filter is missing. we plan on taking it to my dads shop this weekend. and ill let cha all know whats up wit it after we come back