Well I went ahead and took pics while I pulled all of my old equipment out.. Just to Show what My install Used to look like. And what I took to do the Simple install. That Used to hit 151.4 legal. Here's a wide angle Pic of wat the Stunners system used to look like. Heres a pic of where the BD1000a1 was mounted (notice how all wiring is hidden Behind the paneling) Heres another Shot of the BD with All Of my Wires pulled Out of there hidden location behind the plastic panel.. and from under the Carpet... Cap has also been pulled from its Hidden location Yet another Pic of the BD1000a1 with the Endcaps off (pretty ugly huh!) Yet another Shot of the BD Pullled completely out of the truck Heres a pic with the Sub box sittin on the tailgate. Took this one at night. Heres a shot of the Ass end of the Fogate HX2 Subwoofer Gee.. The RF Sub kinda looks Weak compared to the Buisness end of My Digital Designs 9515 Subs. I thought this was a pretty cool angle shot of the DD... Look at the Sub compared to the Size of my fridge. I figured I'd just say "What the Hell, and take a few pics of the inside of my box. Heres a couple of pics from the outside Heres the only pics I have left of the RF HX2s I used to have.