My 1993 Mazda 323Before I started working on it.17 Inch Enkei RS-6'sYeah it's got almost 219K on it.Painted some of the interior blue.Armrest.Center Console.Shifter knob looks like a salt-shaker, It useto have Blue LED's.I need a new Steering Wheel.Tore out the back seat, wires in the trunklook like spagetti. amp/speaker wires.Starting to sand the car.Yeah I'm sanding.I think it looks good like that, should of justclear coated it. lol.New driver side fender, done sanded & primered it.Startin work on passenger door.Passenger side fender.Primering the rear.Having a smoke.Wasn't completely done, had to remove thelittle arrow lookin rubber piece.Hatch done, rubber piece removed.still debating on painting the center-reflector.Installed a pair of 6.5" Dual Illumilites in the rear.Bass was vibrating the camera too much.-- ill update later. page still under construction --