. I bought it with a blown head and thought thats all that would be wrog with it . After we did the head job . The car ran great but a month down the road the oil presser when south . The next thing i heard was Knock, Knock and i turned the eng off . I was able to save the block 4 later Rbild. .So i can get this supra back on the road. The last owner must have made his girl mad because she left him with this nice little Keying. I had a shop do a full rebuild on the eng & put a new crank kit as well as a new clutch kit on it.. I bought a custom greddy 3 cor rad . I have a dual electric fan kit with shroud to replace the clutch fan. I pulled the old dash out & put a new one in because of the cracks in the old dash. Its body has been prepared for the paint shop.