This is my new fun car, a 1992 Dodge Stealth R/T TT. I bought this an eBay on Christmas day 2006. This car is fast and fun. There's not too many of these around and I think they're underrated. For those of you who don't know, it's the same car as a Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4, just without active aero and different body panels.One thing this car can do, besides hug the road with its AWD, is give a crash course in creative mechanics. This is a complex beast and it seems like every cubic inch under the hood is used. It's a labor of love. I've mostly replaced worn parts such as the motor mounts, struts, and driveshaft carrier bearings.The AWD system is not something you would notice in everyday driving but it's great to have when conditions warrant it. It's great in the rain, powering around a corner, or if a quick entry in traffic is needed. No wheelspin. Really, it'll launch as hard as needed. The driver (and maybe the transfer case) is the limiting factor, not the rubber.The stock 9b turbos are pretty small and can really only push out 12psi but they spool up quickly and at a low RPM. It gives great low end torque like that of a V8 but tends to fade out up high. Still, the twin turbo setup allows for better response as each turbo is powered only by the exhaust of 3 cyliders. A single turbo setup would require a bigger turbo (more lag) to push as much air two smaller turbos.The 4 wheel steering is a nice feature that is suprisingly useful. For those not used to it, it can give the sensation that the rear end is sliding out. It took me a little bit to get used to it. It can really be felt when making lane changes or cornering and gives more stability.Until recently, the electronic suspension was pretty much useless. It was defaulted to "sport" mode because of some strut malfunctions. I recently relaced all of them and also replaced the springs with TEIN S Tech springs. What an improvement! The springs help reduce the excessive stock wheelgap but it still rides like stock. No bouncing or harshness. With the new struts, I regained the ECS fuction. It seems the computer didn't like 4 dead struts. In "tour" mode, it's firm but compliant. In "sport" mode, it's rock hard. Great for going crazy or counting crushed ants.UPDATE! I haven't updated this in quite a while. So, here's what's new. I replaced the stock sidemount intercoolers with converted 1G DSM SMIC. Slightly more frontal area, much thicker compared to stock. A manual boost controller has replaced the stock boost solenoid. The stock boost solenoid, even with the free boost mod, topped out at 10psi. The manual controller is set at 12psi, the effective limit for the stock turbos. A single piece PSD carbon fiber driveshaft has replaced the stock 3 piece steel driveshaft. The stock DS weighed in at over 40 pounds not including carrier bearings and the CF DS is 17 pounds. That's over 20 pounds of rotating mass shaved directly off the driveline! A few more pounds were saved with the deletion of the carrier bearings. The overall effect is at the car feels more responsive while at low RPMs like driving around town like it's much lighter and has a bit more of a rear wheel bias. The effect at high RPM, where the engine is making more power and less energy is needed to rotate the DS relative to engine output, is less pronounced.Power Mods K&N FIPK Intake 1G DSM Blowoff valve Manual boost controller (set at 12psi)3SX 3" downpipe (see pic below vs. stock DP) MSD 8.5mm wires NGK copper core plugs (1 range colder than stock)1G DSM sidemount intercoolers Suspension Mods TEIN S-Tech springs (1.5" drop) New OEM ECS struts (feels like a major upgrade!) 3SX poly motor mounts 3SX adjustable rear upper control armsFront and rear strut tower braces Other Mods Pioneer head unit Pioneer 6.5" 3 way front speakers Pioneer 6x9" 3 way rear speakers Sylvania Silverstar sealed beam headlights Sylvania Silverstar 55w H3 fog lamp bulbs A'Pexi S-AFCII air/fuel controller (currently untuned) Synthetic Royal Purple driveline fluids EBC Red Stuff brake padsPSD 1-piece carbon fiber driveshaft