This is me and my dad's project car that we've been working on for some time. It's a 1970 Dodge Charger RT. When we got it, it was in bad condition ($2,550)...This is it right when we got it! Talk about hard work! We've had to get a new engine, paint job, front and back bumpers, exhaust, tires, interior,etc! But, now we're almost done and it's going to look sweet! This is the new engine we put in it over the summer! It's a 426 Hemi and it's pumping out a whopping ...980 HP... and then some!!We might still add a couple more things to tweek up the engine a tad bit more!! The exhaust kit we put on it makes this baby roar even louder! We're thinking about putting a blower on it, but we're not quite sure yet! This classic also makes awesome burnouts. Bad thing about this pic is....we ran off into the grass and almost into a ditch!! Lol..but it was a blast!