Right now it is in its early phases. (C'mon Im 19 i don't have loads of cash lying around.) So please comment, advize, critique, but don't vote, good or bad, the car is not ready to be judged. Shifter Well I was sick of the 3 foot long Shifter and ugly knob. (ok ok it wasn't 3 feet but it should have been) But a hacksaw and a trip to autozone couldnt fix. (I'm working on a picture relax) My friend cut the shift knob OFF (i know it can unscrew but it was more fun this way) All that was left was about 1/2 inch of the shift shaft above the stock boot. At autozone I found a nice knob thats chrome and tan (the interior of my car is tan) Chrome may sound tacky, but with the tan it looks nice) I dont really have plans for the shifter, unless I get bored and make a boot from some leather or cloth... but that seems to arts and craftsy Body My buddy and I made a mesh grill. It looks pretty good, but I think I am going to redo it, and bring the mesh more forward. (sorry twitch) wheeles I Decided to go with 15" wheels. I know I said I wanted 17" but the 15's will fit better, and have are much lighter (even going with steel the alloy wheels are only a few lbs lighter and are 4x the $$$... plus i like the sleeper look) tachometer I have a "Super Tach II" from autozone... It works well and kinda fits the car... not much to say I'm working on pictures Anyone know if a celica gt engine from 93-97 would fit in the car? And how about a low compression turbo kit?